Insanely Inspired...


”In art as in life. Instinct is enough.”

As part of this weeks “Insanely Inspired Instagram” from, each day I will be sharing about my art, business and more about me!
When people ask me, “When did you know you were an artist?” I have to say... I can’t remember not drawing, doodling or creating something everyday so I’d have to say... “my whole life.”
At different ages it took on different forms throughout the years, from designing Barbie clothes to taking every art class in school I could, and then taking visual design and merchandising in college. I’m the middle child, only daughter with two brothers, and was born and raised in Southern California. Being an artist is a way of life for me. It includes being engaged in all types of art and design. My camera is filled with inspiration and color and often helps my creative process. As a single Mom, I started my art biz with a collection of mixed media paintings and jumped into the art licensing world for a few years. In 2016, I took an abstract art workshop and fell in love with the unknown of abstract art. The concept of being guided by intuition, rather than planning. I love the “not knowing” and it brings me back to the easel every day.

How lucky I feel to say that! Thanks for being here. I value your interest!

Monica 💕