My Story

My story has always included creativity, and eventually... ART. From the glorious 64 count box of crayons that I cherished, to making anything I could out of construction paper, tape and my imagination. And here I am, many years later, creating art in my studio and living my dream everyday. 

I am a contemporary artist with an emphasis on abstracts and florals. I love using vibrant color combinations and painting artwork that brings joy to someone’s home or office. When beginning an abstract, it’s my quiet thoughts and emotions that influence the artwork. I typically listen to music, and am occasionally influenced by the mood or lyrics of the song. It’s all part of the process for me, and it’s a very personal journey. 

As far as my florals, they bring me such happiness to pass along. I love hearing how it provided a cheery spot in a kitchen or dining room of a customer. I work solely in acrylics, by choice, because they dry quickly and can be combined easily to create so many possibilities. Painting is my way of communicating love to my clients and loved ones.

A few more facts about me:

I’m a Mom of two daughters, both are dancers.
My studio is shared with 15 other artists, which makes for a fun atmosphere.
My favorite color is red, but I mostly wear black.
I’ve been offered money many times for my very colorful apron.
I love live music and dancing.
And last but not least, a good margarita on the rocks!